Our commitment

On a planet that is increasingly heading towards environmental disaster and growing social injustice, ALLPOETS acts like beacons of hope and desire to become part of the change desperately needed.
To be poet is to be a rebel. It is not to conform.
We all are poets. All of those who break the rules, willing to fight for equality and diversity, freedom and justice, ultimately, for a better world.
ALLPOETS is a pledge for the future.
Change begins now.

Fashion is not sustainable, a change is needed. In ALLPOETS, we try to contribute our grain of sand. All of our glasses are manufactured with organic and recycled acetate. The planet needs us and we are aware that this is not enough. That’s why we continue to investigate sustainable alternatives in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of our products.

Organic and Recycled sunglass lenses

Besides our organic and recycled acetate, our objective by 2023 is that all sunglass lenses become 100% recycled and from organic source.

Recycled metal

We are currently putting all our efforts into gaining the Official Certificate for recycled metal by 2023.

Packaging Plastic free

Our packaging is made of vegan leather and all the glasses are protected with a bio bag made of cornstarch, 100% biodegradable. We are working to get all packaging to be sustainable by 2024.

100% sustainable material

All communication materials from ALLPOETS at the point of sale are mainly made of cardboard and wood. In the coming years, we will discontinue all materials that are not from an organic source.

Sustainable initiatives

ALLPOETS undertakes to go beyond, to create a positive impact in our environment through initiatives that help to enhance the Mediterranean ecosystem. We are looking for associations and organizations that share our philosophy to join forces for a better world.

Our world
Nature inspires us
ALLPOETS arises from seeking inspiration in nature. In those places that awaken one of a kind unique senses. We want to encourage all the people to be poets, to show up and preserve nature to continue maintaining its beauty and magic.
Slow Fashion
The high quality sustainable materials we use extend product lifecycle. We elaborate our products with natural and recycled materials, and we make them according to market need. The objective: to reduce the industry environmental impact.
Cruelty Free
We are against animal tests. None of our products are animal tested and the leather we use in our packaging is vegan, so it is not from animal origin.
Mediterranean Lifestyle
We are Mediterranean and the sea defines our lifestyle. Take care of the landscapes that surround us, our sea, our mountains, flora and fauna is part of our raison d’être.

For a better world. The poetry of nature.

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